SFgate 5.209: Demo

This is a demo to your revision (5.209) of SFgate. For more Information look at the Manual. Information on the latest revision of this software is available.

Select some of the following databases:

Demo database with scanned images
Bibliographic references on information retrieval
Table of contents of some computer science related journals. An overview of present journals is available.

Enter your query:

The easiest way to build up a SFgate form:
author name

Two possibilities to specify a date field within a SFgate form (within a freeWAIS-sf databases date fields are indexed in yyyymmdd notation):
entry date

specify in one of the following formats:
  • yyyymmdd, yymmdd
  • dd.mm.yyyy, dd.mm.yy, dd.m.yyyy, dd.m.yy, d.mm.yyyy, d.mm.yy, d.m.yyyy, d.m.yy
  • dd.mm, dd.m, d.mm, d.m
  • yyyy-mm-dd, yyyy-mm-d, yyyy-m-dd, yyyy-m-d, yy-mm-dd, yy-mm-d, yy-m-dd, yy-m-d
  • mm/dd/yyyy, mm/dd/yy, mm/d/yyyy, mm/d/yy, m/dd/yyyy, m/dd/yy, m/d/yyyy, m/d/yy
entry date
year (yyyy, yy): month (dd, d): day (mm, m):

You may want to give the user more than one input field for a freeWAIS-sf field and let him specify the Boolean connection between the fields via checkboxes or other input tags. Furthermore you can group any number of fields to give the user the possibility to choose the boolean connection of the groups explicitly:
author name

Let the user decide the field name for an input field. Let him select the Boolean connection of the input fields content to the rest of the query:
connect with:
connect with:

You may want to decide for the user which query conditions must be met. The contents of the following input fields are and'ed to the rest of the query:
publication year
volume number
issue number

Specify options:

Dump environment?
This option will dump the environement to an html pages instead of processing the query.
This option will show you some debug informtion.
Choose the language you want to use.
Listenvironment description list preformatted table.
Choose listenvironment for headlines.
Multiple choice headline menu? YES NO.
Connect fields with AND OR.
Connect query parts within fields AND OR.
You can tie the fields within the formular either with AND or with OR.
Show verbose headlines short headlines.
Give pointer to further matching documents? YES NO.
How many hits do you want at most?
Skip headline menu?

SFgate 5.209