Gateway between the World Wide Web (WWW) and WAIS
(This software is no longer supported, and most of the links are out of date!)

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Introduction to SFgate

SFgate is a gateway between the World Wide Web (WWW) and WAIS (Wide Area Information Servers) written in Perl. It is specially suited for usage with freeWAIS-sf, as it supports all its extensions. But all servers speaking the WAIS protocol can be contacted. SFgate is designed as a CGI script so that it is usable with any WWW server supporting the CGI standard.

The current patch level of SFgate 5.1 is 11.

SFgate Resources

SFgate Applications

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If you want your SFgate application to be listed here, send me a mail!

Year 2000 compliance

SFgate is year 2000 compliant. There is simply no point where the date comes into play. The only point where confusion could arise is in the case you use date fields: if you specify in a query a year in YY format, it is interpreted as 19YY.

See also freeWAIS-sf and y2k.