Focussed retrieval of structured documents

Vom 01. 08. 2000 bis zum 31. 07. 2002
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The objective of our co-operation is to investigate effective and efficient methods for managing large collections of structured documents (e. g., XML, SGML, HTML). We will investigate representation and querying techniques combining content and structural knowledge to focus the retrieval to document parts that constitute best entry points to the document structure, from which users can browse to access relevant information.


Norbert Fuhr, Kai Großjohann (2001): XIRQL: A Query Language for Information Retrieval in XML Documents. In: Proceedings SIGIR 2001, ACM.
Norbert Fuhr, Kai Großjohann (2002): XIRQL: An XML Query Language Based on Information Retrieval Concepts. (Submitted for publication, extended version of the previous entry.)
Norbert Fuhr, Norbert Gövert (2002): Index Compression vs. Retrieval Time of Inverted Files for XML Documents. (Submitted for publication.)
Sascha Kriewel (2001): Visualisation of XML Document Retrieval. Diploma thesis (in German).
Daniel Effing (2002): User Support for querying with XIRQL. Diploma thesis (in German).
Rainer Dampmann (2002): Optimising XIRQL Query Processing. Diploma thesis (in German).

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