The enhanced freeWAIS distribution
(This software is no longer supported, and most of the links are out of date!)


freeWAIS is a text retrieval system based on the vector space model. freeWAIS-sf is an extension of freeWAIS, developed at the computer science department of the University of Dortmund. sf means structured fields and indicates the main improvement of freeWAIS-sf. The extensions include:


Year 2000 compliance

FreeWAIS-sf is free software. It has been implemented by some dozen developers. The resulting code is not really what one would call aesthetic. Therefore we cannot give full guarantee that freeWAIS-sf is full year 2000 compliant. However it's really unlikely that you run into such a problem unless...

We do not know any other parts in freeWAIS-sf where one could get trouble from the beginning of the next century. In the unlikely case that you run into a problem, feel free to send a patch which fixes the problem.

See also SFgate and y2k.