CYCLADES: User services for Open Archives

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    CYCLADES: User services for Open Archives
  • Autor(en):
    Gudrun Fischer
  • Veröffentlichsart:
    Talk at the SINN 2003 conference, Oldenburg
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CYCLADES is a system, designed to provide an open collaborative virtual archive environment, which (among others) supports users, communities (and their members) with functionality for (i) advanced search in large, heterogeneous, multidisciplinary digital archives (ii) collaboration; and (iii) filtering and recommendation. The document base of CYCLADES consists mainly of metadata records harvested from archives supporting the Open Archives ( standard Users can build their own personal library of documents in their private folders, share documents with other users in common folders, and discuss them in annotations. For a given folder topic, users can ask the system for new documents related to this topic. Queries can be stored in folders for later re-submission. To save the user from specifying every single data source each time, archives can be grouped into user-defined collections. Collections, documents, and even communities and users - can be recommended to other users, thus supporting knowledge exchange where desired.

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