Debating-Oriented Information Retrieval (Towards the WHY Search Engine)

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    Debating-Oriented Information Retrieval (Towards the WHY Search Engine)
  • Autor(en):
    Norbert Fuhr
  • Veröffentlichsart:
    Dagstuhl Seminar 15512 - Debating Technologies
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In this talk, we discuss the need for more advanced search engines that are able to answer why questions. Major applications would be all kinds of decision support, as well as helping in understanding and learning. Current Web search engines are mainly word-based, thus they can give satisfying answers to why queries only when there are single Web pages containing a comprehensive answer. In any case, however, they prefer positive answers over negative ones, and they suffer from a clickthrough bias. For developing WHY search engines, a number of research issues have to be addressed, such as argument representations suitable for information retrieval, methods for de-duplication of arguments as well as for estimating the importance and credibility of arguments, personalized and interactive retrieval of arguments.

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