An Information Retrieval View of Environmental Information Systems

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    An Information Retrieval View of Environmental Information Systems
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    N. Fuhr
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    Database and Expert System Applications
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In the design of future enviromental systems, the semantics of the data as well as the kind of queries to those systems have to be considered. Enviromental data is frequently uncertain and incomplete. Heterogeneous data structures as well as multimedia data have to be managed by the system. For interactive queries, the system should allow vague queries and query formulations that are independent of the specific structure of the data and its representation. For vague queries and imprecise data, methods developed in information retrieval can be applied. Heterogeneous data structures can be handled with concepts from object-oriented database management systems. In multimedia information systems, the problem of full integration of the different media is yet unsolved, especially in case the information a user searches for is stored in different media. We claim that the retrieval interface offerd by current database management systems is not sufficient for interactive use. In addition, functions like ranking, browsing, zooming, relevance feedback and cooperative support should be provided. Finally, we emphasize the need for empirical studies for the design of future environmental information systems. Keywords: information retrieval, environmental information systems, heterogeneous data structures, multimedia data, vague queries, imprecise data, interactive information systems.
ecological databases, DBMIRS, fact retrieval

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