From Uncertain Inference to Agent-Based Information Retrieval

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    From Uncertain Inference to Agent-Based Information Retrieval
  • Autor(en):
    N. Fuhr
  • In:
    VDI'98 - Arbeitstagung der GI-Fachgruppen Verteilte Künstliche Intelligenz, Datenbanken und Information Retrieval
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The logical approach to information retrieval (IR) treats retrieval as uncertain inference. In advanced applications, we have to deal with a multi-step inference process involving different system components: information needs, search activities, queries, query intermediaries, databases and documents. In order to provide a better system support for satisfying a user's information need, these components should be changed into active objects (agents) with high-level functions. Especially, we describe different levels of search activities (moves, tactics, stratagems and strategies) as well as different types of documents (data only, objects with IR methods, active objects, communicating objects).

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