Evaluation of Digital Libraries

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    Evaluation of Digital Libraries
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    Norbert Fuhr
    Giannis Tsakonas
    Trond Aalberg
    Maristella Agosti
    Preben Hansen
    Sarantos Kapidakis
    Claus-Peter Klas
    Lazlo Kovas
    Monica Landoni
    Andras Micsik
    Christos Papatheodorou
    Carol Peters
    Ingeborg Solvberg
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    International Journal on Digital Libraries (IJDL)
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Digital libraries (DLs) are new and innovative information systems, under constant development and change, and therefore evaluation is of critical importance to ensure not only their correct evolution but also their acceptance by the user and application communities. The Evaluation activity of the DELOS Network of Excellence has performed a large-scale survey of current digital library evaluation activities. This study has resulted in a description of the state of the art in the field, which is presented in this paper. The paper also proposes a new framework for the evaluation of digital libraries, as well as for recording, describing and analyzing the related research field. The framework includes a methodology for the classification of current evaluation procedures. The objective is to provide a set of flexible and adaptable guidelines for digital library evaluation.

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