Intelligent Hypermedia Retrieval

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    Intelligent Hypermedia Retrieval
  • Autor(en):
    M. Lalmas
    Th. Roelleke
    N. Fuhr
  • Herausgeber:
    P.~S. Szczepaniak
    F. Segovia
    L.~A. Zadeh
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  • In:
    Intelligent Exploration of the Web
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Intelligent retrieval of hypermedia documents requires sophisticated document representations and querying facilities that allow for content-based and fact-based querying as well as considering the structure of documents. This paper describes POOL, a Probabilistic Object-Oriented four-valued Logic, which allows a uniform view on hypermedia documents for the purpose of their retrieval: documents, images, authors, dates, etc. are treated as objects and POOL models the content of objects, the facts about objects, and the structure of objects to provide for a relevance-based ranking of hypermedia documents.

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