Information systems - Publication list complete list of publications of the working group "information systems" at the University of Duisburg-Essende<title>Cross-Language Comparability and Its Applications for MT<title>Mapping and Aligning Units from Comparable Corpora<title>Using Comparable Corpora for Under-Resourced Areas of Machine Translation<title>Entity type modeling for multi-document summarization : generating descriptive summaries of geo-located entities<title>Understanding Human Preferences for Summary Designs in Online Debates Domain<title>Analyzing the capabilities of crowdsourcing services for text summarization<title>Do humans have conceptual models about geographic objects? A user study<title>Generating descriptive multi-document summaries of geo-located entities using entity type models<title>Summarizing Online Reviews Using Aspect Rating Distributions and Language Modeling<title>Improving Automatic Image Captioning Using Text Summarization Techniques<title>The SENSEI Annotated Corpus: Human Summaries of Reader Comment Conversations in On-line News<title>Comment-to-Article Linking in the Online News Domain<title>Redundancy reduction for multi-document summaries using A* search and discriminative training<title>USFD at SemEval-2016 Task 1: Putting different State-of-the-Arts into a Box<title>Multi-Document Summarization by Capturing the Information Users are Interested in<title>Summary Generation for Toponym-referenced Images using Object Type Language Models<title>Automatic image captioning from the web for GPS photographs<title>Collecting and Using Comparable Corpora for Statistical Machine Translation<title>Correlation between Similarity Measures for Inter-Language Linked Wikipedia Articles<title>A Corpus of Spontaneous Multi-party Conversation in Bosnian Serbo-Croatian and British English<title>What's the Issue Here?: Task-based Evaluation of Reader Comment Summarization Systems<title>Bilingual dictionaries for all EU languages<title>Bootstrapping Term Extractors for Multiple Languages<title>A light way to collect comparable corpora from the Web<title>Model Summaries for Location-related Images<title>Assessing Crowdsourcing Quality through Objective Tasks<title>Creation of comparable corpora for English-Urdu, Arabic, Persian<title>Automatic label generation for news comment clusters<title>STARLET: Multi-document Summarization of Service and Product Reviews with Balanced Rating Distributions<title>A Collection of Comparable Corpora for Under-resourced Languages<title>Multi-Document Summarization Using A* Search and Discriminative Learning<title>A Graph-Based Approach to Topic Clustering for Online Comments to News<title>Investigating Summarization Techniques for Geo-Tagged Image Indexing<title>Automatic Bilingual Phrase Extraction from Comparable Corpora<title>Understanding the types of information humans associate with geographic objects<title>Extracting bilingual terminologies from comparable corpora<title>Generating Image Descriptions Using Dependency Relational Patterns<title>Resource Discovery in Distributed Digital Libraries<title>Information Retrieval in Digitalen Bibliotheken<title>A Decision-Theoretic Approach to Database Selection in Networked IR<title>Probabilistic Datalog: Implementing Logical Information Retrieval for Advanced Applications<title>Ontology Suitability for Uncertain Extraction of Information from Multi-Record Web Documents<title>Towards Data Abstraction in Networked Information Retrieval Systems<title>Categorisation tool, final prototype<title>A probabilistic description-oriented approach for categorising Web documents<title>Ein Agentensystem für digitale Bibliotheken im WWW<title>Ein neuer, effektiver Ansatz zur Kategorisierung von Web Dokumenten<title>Distributed agents for user-friendly access of Digital Libraries<title>Ein integriertes Hypertext- und Information-Retrieval-System für digitale Bibliotheken<title>Provider Selection--Design and Implementation of the Medoc Broker<title>Probabilistic Indexing and Categorisation Tool, Intermediate Prototype<title>From Uncertain Inference to Agent-Based Information Retrieval<title>Categorisation Specification<title>Information Retrieval with Probabilistic Datalog<title>The MeDoc System -- A Digital Publication and Reference Service for Computer Science<title>Provider Selection -- Design and Implementation of the Medoc Broker<title>Students Access Books and Journals through MeDoc<title>DOLORES: A System for Logic-Based Retrieval of Multimedia Objects<title>Resource Discovery in a Globally-Distributed Digital Library. Working Group Report Digital Library Collaborative Working Groups<title>Query Transformation for Heterogeneous Provider Systems in Medoc<title>Effiziente Prozessierung interner und externer Relationen mit HySpirit<title>A Graphical User Interface for Logic-based Object-oriented Hypermedia Retrieval<title>Querying for Facts and Content in Hypermedia Documents<title>Retrieving Complex Objects with HySpirit<title>SFgate<title>The Possible Worlds Semantics of Probabilistic Four-Valued Datalog<title>Evaluierung eines entscheidungstheoretischen Modells zur Datenbankselektion<title>HySpirit -- a Flexible System for Investigating Probabilistic Logical Information Retrieval<title>Medoc - Searching Heterogeneous Bibliographic and Text Databases<title>HySpirit -- a Probabilistic Inference Engine for Hypermedia Retrieval in Large Databases<title>Datenbankselektion in vernetzten Information-Retrieval-Systemen<title>Incremental Processing of Vague Queries in Interactive Retrieval Systems<title>Probabilistic Reasoning for Large Scale Databases<title>Information Retrieval. Skriptum zur Vorlesung<title>Extending Probabilistic Datalog<title>Composite Documents and Uncertain Inference<title>Models for Integrated Information Retrieval and Database Systems<title>Retrieval of Complex Objects Using a Four-Valued Logic<title>MeDoc Information Broker - Harnessing the Information in Literature and Full Text Databases<title>Optimum Database Selection in Networked IR<title>Representing Knowledge for Multimedia Retrieval in Datalog<title>Konzeption eines Informationsvermittlungssystems für heterogene, verteilte Informationsquellen im Internet<title>Bewertung existierender Brokersysteme<title>Object-Oriented and Database Concepts for the Design of Networked Information Retrieval Systems<title>A Probabilistic NF2 Relational Algebra for Integrated Information Retrieval and Database Systems<title>Information Retrieval in vernetzten heterogenen Datenbanken<title>Bewertung von Volltextretrievalsystemen<title>Retrieval Effectiveness of Proper Name Search Methods<title>Retrieval of Complex Objects Using a Four-Valued Logic<title>Probabilistic Datalog - a Logic for Powerful Retrieval Methods<title>Searching Proper Names in Databases<title>Modelling Hypermedia Retrieval in Datalog<title>Konzeption und Entwicklung eines Informationsvermittlungssystems<title>Entwicklung und Implementierung von Ereignisausdrucks- und Join-Operationen für das Retrievalsystem Nosferatu<title>Searching Structured Documents with the Enhanced Retrieval Functionality of freeWAIS-sf and SFgate<title>Efficient Processing of Vague Queries using a Data Stream Approach<title>Global Network - Kommunikations- und Informationssysteme<title>Towards a Probabilistic NF2 Algebra<title>Logical and Conceptual Models for the Integration of Information Retrieval and Database Systems<title>A Probabilistic NF2 Relational Algebra for Imprecision in Databases<title>Scog - A Probabilistic Retrieval Engine for IR-DBMS Integration<title>Umweltinformationssysteme aus Sicht des Information Retrieval<title>A Probabilistic Approach to Parameter Estimation for Retrieval with Relevance Feedback and Weighted Indexing<title>Probabilistic Learning Approaches for Indexing and Retrieval with the TREC-2 Collection<title>Probabilistic Information Retrieval as Combination of Abstraction, Inductive Learning and Probabilistic Assumptions<title>A Probabilistic Relational Algebra for the Integration of Information Retrieval and Database Systems<title>Incremental Processing of Vague Queries in Interactive Retrieval Systems<title>Information Retrieval<title>NOSFERATU -- an Integrated Database Management and Information Retrieval system based on Data Streams (in German)<title>A Probabilistic Relational Model for the Integration of IR and Databases<title>NOSFERATU -- ein integriertes Datenbank- und Informationssystem basierend auf dem Datenstrom-Paradigma<title>Representations, Models and Abstractions in Probabilistic Information Retrieval<title>Optimizing Document Indexing and Search Term Weighting Based on Probabilistic Models<title>Automatic Indexing in Operation: The Rule-Based System AIR/X for Large Subject Fields<title>Aufwandsabschätzung für die Prozessierung vager Anfragen auf der Basis des Datenstrom-Ansatzes<title>Integration of Probabilistic Fact and Text Retrieval<title>Konzepte zur Gestaltung zukünftiger Information-Retrieval-Systeme<title>Probabilistic Models in Information Retrieval<title>An Information Retrieval View of Environmental Information Systems<title>Probabilistic Retrieval for Imprecise Queries<title>A Probabilistic Learning Approach for Document Indexing<title>AIR/X - a Rule-Based Multistage Indexing System for Large Subject Fields<title>A Prototype for Integrating Probabilistic Fact and Text Retrieval<title>Combining Model-Oriented and Description-Oriented Approaches for Probabilistic Indexing<title>Tendenzen der Informationssysteme<title>Systemkonzeption für Werkstoff-Informationssysteme<title>Anfragefunktionen für Umweltinformationssysteme<title>Repräsentationen und Anfragefunktionalität in multimedialen Informationssystemen<title>Hypertext und Information Retrieval<title>A Probabilistic Framework for Vague Queries and Imprecise Information in Databases<title>Empirisch gestützte Konzeption einer neuen Generation von Werkstoffdatenbanken<title>Zur Überwindung der Diskrepanz zwischen Retrievalforschung und -praxis<title>Probabilistic Document Indexing from Relevance Feedback Data<title>Ein Prototyp für eine graphische Benutzeroberfläche für Werkstoffdatenbanken<title>Concepts for Effective Probabilistic Indexing<title>Log-Linear Indexing Functions and the Darmstadt Indexing Approach<title>Concepts for Ranking in Interactive Retrieval<title>Optimum Polynomial Retrieval Functions Based on the Probability Ranking Principle<title>Optimum Polynomial Retrieval Functions<title>Models for Retrieval with Probabilistic Indexing<title>Optimum Probability Estimation from Empirical Distributions<title>Empirisch gestützte Konzeption einer neuen Generation von Werkstoffdatenbanken<title>Entwicklung und Anwendung des automatischen Indexierungssystems AIR/PHYS<title>Empirically Based Concepts for Materials Data Systems<title>The Automatic Indexing System AIR/PHYS - from Research to Application<title>Probabilistisches Indexing und Retrieval<title>Optimum Probability Estimation Based on Expectations<title>Zugang zu Werkstoffdatenbanken: Benutzerforschung und Systementwurf<title>Probabilistic Search Term Weighting - Some Negative Results<title>Rankingexperimente mit gewichteter Indexierung<title>Two Models of Retrieval with Probabilistic Indexing<title>Der AIR-Retrievaltest<title>Rankingexperimente mit gewichteter Indexierung<title>Der Dateigenerator GENE (Version 3.0). Beschreibung<title>Indexierungswörterbücher für das Fachgebiet Physik<title>Die Gewinnung von statistischen Relationen zwischen Terms und Deskriptoren<title>A Probabilistic Model of Dictionary Based Automatic Indexing<title>Retrieval Test Evaluation of a Rule Based Automatic Indexing (AIR/PHYS)<title>Ein Retrievaltest mit automatisch indexierten Dokumenten<title>Klassifikationsverfahren in der automatischen Indexierung<title>Support for Information-Seeking Strategies<title>Towards Meaningful Statements in IR Evaluation. Mapping Evaluation Measures to Interval Scales<title>A Transparent Logical Framework for Aspect-Oriented Product Ranking Based on User Reviews<title>SIGIR Keynote: Proof by Experimentation? Towards Better IR Research<title>An Extensible Multilingual Open Source Lemmatizer<title>Challenges in Document Mining (Dagstuhl Seminar 11171)<title>How to Measure the Reproducibility of System-oriented IR Experiments<title>Proof by Experimentation? Towards Better IR Research<title>'A Modern Up-To-Date Laptop' - Vagueness in Natural Language Queries for Product Search<title>Modellierung von Benutzerverhalten im interaktiven Retrieval mit Markov-Ketten<title>Modelling Temporal Patterns in User Behaviour<title>Reproducibility and Validity in CLEF<title>From Evaluating to Forecasting Performance: How to Turn Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing and Recommender Systems into Predictive Sciences (Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshop 17442)<title>The Information Retrieval Group at the University of Duisburg-Essen<title>Contextualised Browsing in a Digital Library’s Living Lab<title>Can Rumour Stance Alone Predict Veracity?<title>The Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshop on Performance Modeling and Prediction<title>Causality, prediction and improvements that (don't) add up<title>Towards Making Sense of Online Reviews Based on Statement Extraction<title>Research Frontiers in Information Retrieval - Report from the Third Strategic Workshop on Information Retrieval in Lorne (SWIRL 2018)<title>Personalised Session Difficulty Prediction in an Online Academic Search Engine<title>Information Nutrition Labels : A Plugin for Online News Evaluation<title>An Information Nutritional Label for Online Documents<title>Some Common Mistakes In IR Evaluation, And How They Can Be Avoided<title>Modeling Interactive Information Retrieval As a Stochastic Process<title>Personalised Search Time Prediction using Markov Chains<title>Advanced Hidden Markov Models for Recognizing Search Phases<title>Describing user's search behaviour with Hidden Markov Models<title>Increasing Reproducibility in IR: Findings from the Dagstuhl Seminar on ''Reproducibility of Data-Oriented Experiments in e-Science''<title>Reproducibility of Data-Oriented Experiments in e-Science<title>Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries - 20th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries, TPDL 2016, Hannover, Germany, September 5-9, 2016, Proceedings<title>A Gamification Framework for Enhancing Search Literacy<title>An Eye-Tracking Study of Query Reformulation<title>Introducing a Gamification Approach for Enhancing Web Search Literacy<title>ezDL: An Interactive IR Framework, Search Tool, and Evaluation System<title>Khresmoi Professional: Multilingual, Multimodal Professional Medical Search<title>A Visual Information Retrieval System for Radiology Reports and the Medical Literature<title>Strategic Search Support on Macro and Micro Level<title>Bridging Information Retrieval and Databases<title>Khresmoi - Multilingual Semantic Search of Medical Text and Images<title>Modelle im Information Retrieval<title>Report on IIiX'12: the fourth information interaction in context symposium<title>Markov Modeling for User Interaction in Retrieval<title>Evaluation Methodologies in Information Retrieval<title>Khresmoi Professional: Multilingual Semantic Search for Medical Professionals<title>Report on the development of an IR system for medical image documents<title>Retrievalmethoden für historische Korpora mit nicht standardisierten Schreibweisen<title>Konzeption und Implementierung einer Android-App f\FCr das ezDL-System<title>Strategische Suchunterst\FCtzung auf Makro- und Mikroebene<title>Salton Award Lecture: Information Retrieval As Engineering Science<title>Search System Functions for Supporting Search Modes<title>The Return of the Probability of Relevance. Invited Talk<title>Quantitative Analysis of Search Sessions Enhanced by Gaze Tracking with Dynamic Areas of Interest<title>ezDL: A Framework for Interactive and Professional Search Systems<title>Towards the Systematic Design of IR Systems Supporting Complex Search Tasks<title>Interactive PRP-Based Analysis and Design of Interactive Information Retrieval Systems<title>Using Eye-Tracking with Dynamic Areas of Interest for Analyzing Interactive Information Retrieval<title>Khresmoi - Multimodal Multilingual Medical Information Search<title>ezDL: An Interactive Search and Evaluation System<title>Entwicklung und Evaluierung einer Rich Internet Application für die Suche nach medizinischen Informationen<title>Salton Award Lecture: Information Retrieval as Engineering Science (Extended Abstract)<title>Supporting Collaborative Improvement of Resources in the Khresmoi Health Information System<title>Evaluierung von Darstellungsvarianten für Anfragevorschläge bei der Informationssuche<title>Efficient Hierarchical Document Clustering with a GPU<title>Are Ontologies Helpful in Medical Search?<title>Result Clustering Supports Users with Vague Information Needs<title>A survey on visual information search behavior and requirements of radiologists<title>Interactive Rule-Generation for Searching in Historic Documents<title>Entwicklung einer Benutzeroberfläche zur interaktiven Regelgenerierung für die Suche in historischen Dokumenten<title>Overview of the INEX 2010 Interactive Track<title>Using Eye-Tracking for the Evaluation of Interactive Information Retrieval<title>Using eye tracking on a clinical viewing station to help investigate image search requirements of radiologists<title>The Optimum Clustering Framework: Implementing the Cluster Hypothesis<title>Effizienteres Dokumenten-Clustering durch Grafikprozessoren<title>Interaktives Retrieval und situationsabhängige Vorschläge<title>Decentralized Probabilistic Text Clustering<title>Entwicklung einer Unterstützung für Pearl Growing<title>Exploring a Multidimensional Representation of Documents and Queries<title>Advanced Training Set Construction for Retrieval in Historic Documents<title>Exploring a Multidimensional Representation of Documents and Queries (extended version)<title>Semiautomatische Konstruktion von Trainingsdaten für historische Dokumente<title>Language Models, Smoothing, and IDF Weighting<title>Development of a User Interface for Interactive Rule Generation<title>Overview and Results of the INEX 2009 Interactive Track<title>User-oriented and Eye-Tracking-based Evaluation of an Interactive Search System<title>Implementierung und Evaluation einer Hypergrid-basierten Benutzungsschnittstelle für die Informationssuche<title>Visualisierung von Regelstrukturen und -Modifikationsmöglichkeiten für die Suche in Texten mit nicht-standardisierter Rechtschreibung<title>Unterstützung beim Finden und Durchführen von Suchstrategien in Digitalen Bibliotheken<title>An evaluation of an adaptive search suggestion system<title>Benutzerorientiertes Dokumenten-Clustering durch die Verwendung einer Anfragemenge<title>Text Clustering for Peer-to-Peer Networks with Probabilistic Guarantees<title>Overview of the INEX 2009 Interactive Track<title>Filtering documents with subspaces<title>Supporting Polyrepresentation and Information Seeking Strategies<title>Multi-facet Classification of E-mails in a Helpdesk Scenario<title>Information Retrieval: Concepts and Practical Considerations for Teaching a Rising Topic<title>Towards a Geometrical Model for Polyrepresentation of Information Objects<title>Optimal support for information seeking strategies by adapting the user interface<title>Probleme und Potenziale bei der Eyetracker-gestützen Evaluierung von interaktivem Retrieval<title>Multifacettenklassifikation von E-Mails im Helpdesk-Szenario<title>Combining Cognitive and System-Oriented Approaches for Designing IR User Interfaces<title>Language Models and Smoothing Methods for Collections with Large Variation in Document Length<title>Identifying Quotations in Reference Works and Primary Materials.<title>A Probabilistic Framework for Information Modelling and Retrieval Based on User Annotations on Digital Objects<title>Determining the Polarity of Postings for Discussion Search<title>A Probability Ranking Principle for Interactive Information Retrieval<title>Combining Cognitive and System-Oriented Approaches for Designing IR User Interfaces<title>Focused access to XML documents: 6th International Workshop of the Initiative for the Evaluation of XML Retrieval (INEX 2007)<title>An Experimental System for Adaptive Services in Information Retrieval<title>Supporting Patent Retrieval in the Context of Innovation-Processes by Means of Information Visualisation<title>The Identification of Spelling Variants in English and German Historical Texts: Manual or Automatic?<title>Arbeitsteilung zwischen direkter Manipulation und proaktiven Software-Agenten in Informationssystemen<title>The Heterogeneous Collection Track at INEX 2006<title>Strategische Unterstützung bei der Informationssuche in Digitalen Bibliotheken<title>A Qualitative Evaluation of The European Library<title>Report on the INEX 2005 interactive track<title>DELOS DLMS - the Integrated DELOS Digital Management System<title>An Experimental Framework for Interactive Information Retrieval and Digital Libraries Evaluation<title>Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries. Proc. of the 11th European Conference on Digital Libraries (ECDL 2007)<title>Retrieval in text collections with historic spelling using linguistic and spelling variants<title>Annotation-based Document Retrieval with Probabilistic Logics<title>Report on the INEX 2006 Heterogeneous Collection Track<title>Advances in XML retrieval: the INEX initiative<title>Knowledge Sharing in Information Seeking and Retrieval Situations<title>Comparative Evaluation of XML Information Retrieval Systems, 5th International Workshop of the Initiative for the Evaluation of XML Retrieval, INEX 2006<title>Adaptive Search Suggestions for Digital Libraries<title>Ansatz zu einem konzeptionellen Modell für interaktive Information-Retrieval-Systeme mit Unterstützung von Informationsvisualisierung<title>Sentiment Classification in Diskussionen<title>The Interactive Track at INEX 2006<title>Search and browse services for heterogeneous collections with the peer-to-peer network Pepper<title>A Decision-Theoretic Model for Decentralised Query Routing in Hierarchical Peer-To-Peer Networks<title>KI-Methoden zur Email-Archivierung -- Technologische Studie zum "Inbox-Szenario"<title>Evaluation of Relevance and Knowledge Augmentation in Discussion Search<title>Progress Report I on DL Evaluation. Delos Deliverable D7.4.2<title>A Logging Scheme for Comparative Digital Library Evaluation.<title>Is XML retrieval meaningful to users? Searcher preferences for full documents vs. elements<title>Information retrieval and machine learning for probabilistic schema matching<title>Integration of the DiLAS Annotation Service into Digital Library Infrastructures<title>The identification of spelling variants in English and German historical texts: manual or automatic?<title>Generating Search Term Variants for Text Collections with Historic Spellings<title>Probabilistic, Object-oriented Logics for Annotation-based Retrieval in Digital Libraries<title>Evaluation of Digital Libraries<title>Advances in XML Information Retrieval and Evaluation: Fourth Workshop of the INitiative for the Evaluation of XML Retrieval (INEX 2005), Dagstuhl 28-30 November 2005, Lecture Notes in Computer Science<title>An experimental framework for comparative digital library evaluation: the logging scheme<title>The Interactive Track at INEX 2005<title>Designing a User Interface for Interactive Retrieval of Structured Documents --- Lessons Learned from the INEX Interactive Track<title>The CIKM 2005 Workshop on Information Retrieval in Peer-to-Peer Networks<title>Comparing different architectures for query routing in peer-to-peer networks<title>A Probabilistic, Logic-based Framework for Automated Web Directory Alignment<title>Das Daffodil System - Strategische Literaturrecherche in Digitale Bibliotheken<title>Report on the INEX 2004 interactive track<title>What did the Others Say? Probabilistic Indexing and Retrieval Models in Annotation-based Discussions<title>Information Retrieval --- From Information Access to Contextual Retrieval<title>DAFFODIL - Nutzerorientiertes Zugangssystem für heterogene Digitale Bibliotheken<title>Inside PIRE: An extensible, open-source IR engine based on probabilistic logics<title>Information retrieval and machine learning for probabilistic schema matching (poster)<title>DiLAS: a Digital Library Annotation Service<title>Der MLHTBrowser: Interaktive Exploration von Kollektionen auf verschiedenen Abstraktionsebenen<title>A Template-Based Approach to Summarize XML Collections<title>Towards Scatter/Gather Browsing in a Hierarchical Peer-to-Peer Network<title>Applying the Annotation View on Messages for Discussion Search<title>Retrieval Quality vs. Effectiveness of Specificity-Oriented Search in XML Collections<title>Advances in XML Information Retrieval: Third International Workshop of the Initiative for the Evaluation of XML Retrieval, INEX 2004, Dagstuhl Castle, Germany, December 6-8, 2004, Revised Selected Papers<title>INEX 2005 Workshop Pre-Proceedings. Schloss Dagstuhl, November 28-30, 2005<title>DAFFODIL: Proaktive Vorlagefunktionen<title>Finding and Using Strategies for Search Situations in Digital Libraries<title>A Framework for Supporting Common Search Strategies in DAFFODIL<title>Obtrusiveness and Relevance Assessment in Interactive XML IR Experiments<title>Overview of INEX 2004<title>PIRE: An extensible IR engine based on probabilistic Datalog<title>An integrated approach for searching and browsing in heterogeneous peer-to-peer networks<title>Adding Probabilities and Rules to OWL Lite Subsets based on Probabilistic Datalog<title>sPLMap: A probabilistic approach to schema matching<title>Proceedings of the 2005 ACM Workshop on Information Retrieval in Peer-to-Peer Networks (P2PIR 2005), Bremen, Germany, November 4, 2005<title>Rule-based search in text databases with non standard orthography<title>Active Support For Query Formulation in Virtual Digital Libraries: A case study with DAFFODIL<title>Queries in Context: Access to Digitized Historic Documents in a Collaboratory for the Humanities<title>The Interactive Track at INEX 2004<title>A logic-based approach for computing service executions plans in peer-to-peer networks<title>Annotation-based Document Retrieval with Four-Valued Probabilistic Datalog<title>Evaluating Strategic Support for Information Access in the DAFFODIL System<title>End Users in Context of XML Documents:Setting up an Interactive track in INEX<title>pDAML+OIL: A probabilistic extension to DAML+OIL based on probabilistic Datalog<title>HyREX at INEX 2003<title>Applying the Divergence From Randomness Approach for Content-Only Search in XML Documents<title>Annotations in Digital Libraries and Collaboratories -- Facets, Models and Usage<title>Semiautomatisches Pflegen von Wrappern<title>Supporting Information Access in Next Generation Digital Library Architectures<title>Overview of the INitiative for the Evaluation of XML Retrieval (INEX) 2003<title>XIRQL: An XML Query Language Based on Information Retrieval Concepts<title>Report on the INEX 2003 Workshop<title>INitiative for the Evaluation of XML Retrieval (INEX). Proceedings of the Second INEX Workshop. Dagstuhl, Germany, December 15--17, 2003<title>Daffodil - Nutzerorientiertes Zugangssystem für heterogene digitale Bibliotheken<title>Daffodil - Strategic Support for User-Oriented Access to Heterogeneous Digital Libraries<title>Using Case Based Retrieval Techniques for Handling anomalous Situations in Advisory Dialogues<title>The Role of Context for Information Mediation in Digital Libraries<title>Editorial zum International Journal on Digital Libraries Special Issue "Digital Libraries as Experienced by the Editors of the Journal"<title>Combining CORI and the decision-theoretic approach for advanced resource selection<title>BINGO! and Daffodil: Personalized Exploration of Digital Libraries and Web Sources<title>COLLATE - A Collaboratory Supporting Research on Historic European Films<title>From Retrieval Status Values to Probabilities of Relevance for Advanced IR Applications<title>The MIND Architecture for Heterogeneous Multimedia Federated Digital Libraries<title>Decision-theoretic resource selection for different data types in MIND<title>The INEX evaluation initiative<title>Combining DAML+OIL, XSLT and probabilistic logics for uncertain schema mappings in MIND<title>Applying The Divergence From Randomness Approach For Relevance-Oriented Search In XML Documents<title>A Query Language and User Interface for XML Information Retrieval<title>Evaluating the effectiveness of content-oriented XML retrieval<title>A report on the first year of the INitiative for the Evaluation of XML Retrieval (INEX 02)<title>Evaluating different methods of estimating retrieval quality for resource selection<title>Information Extraction and Automatic Markup for XML documents<title>Resource Selection and Data Fusion in Multimedia Distributed Digital Libraries (poster)<title>Document-centered Collaboration for Scholars in the Humanities - The COLLATE System<title>Information Retrieval Methods for Literary Texts<title>Retrieval Quality vs.\ Effectiveness of Relevance-Oriented Search in XML Documents<title>Content-oriented XML retrieval with HyREX<title>Overview of the INitiative for the Evaluation of XML retrieval (INEX) 2002<title>INitiative for the Evaluation of XML Retrieval (INEX). Proceedings of the First INEX Workshop. Dagstuhl, Germany, December 8--11, 2002<title>From uncertain inference to probability of relevance for advanced IR applications<title>MIND: A Graphical User Interface for Presenting Fused Results from Multi-Media Distributed Digital Libraries (poster)<title>Vasari: Wissensextraktion und -fusion am Beispiel eines Kunst-Informationssystems<title>HyREX: Hyper-media Retrieval Engine for XML<title>XML Information Retrieval and Information Extraction<title>INEX: INitiative for the Evaluation of XML Retrieval<title>Index Compression vs. Retrieval Time of Inverted Files for XML Documents<title>A User Interface for XML Document Retrieval<title>Intelligent Hypermedia Retrieval<title>HyREX: Hypermedia Retrieval Engine for XML<title>How to Incorporate Collaborative Discourse in Cultural Digital Libraries<title>An RDF Model for Multi-Level Hypertext in Digital Libraries<title>Kontextbasiertes Retrieval unter Verwendung verknüpfter Annotationen<title>Evaluating Efficiency vs. Effectiveness for Vague Queries and Similarity Search in Digital Libraries<title>Daffodil: An Integrated Desktop for Supporting High-Level Search Activities in Federated Digital Libraries<title>Index Compression vs. Retrieval Time of Inverted Files for XML Documents<title>XIRQL: An XML Query Language Based on Information Retrieval Concepts<title>Classification and Intelligent Search on Information in XML<title>Vasari: Wissensextraktion mittels iterativ entwickelter Dokumentbeschreibungen<title>Query Formulation and Result Visualization for XML Retrieval<title>PADDLE: Personal Adaptive Digital Library Environment<title>Categorizing Web Documents in Hierarchical Catalogues<title>Recommendation in a Collaborative Digital Library Environment<title>MIND: An architecture for multimedia information retrieval in federated digital libraries<title>Heterogeneity in Open Archives Metadata<title>Automatische Kategorisierung von Web-Dokumenten<title>Language Models and Uncertain Inference in Information Retrieval<title>Digital Libraries: A Generic Classification and Evaluation Scheme<title>XIRQL: A Query Language for Information Retrieval in XML Documents<title>Combining RDF and Agent-Based Architectures for Semantic Interoperability in Digital Libraries<title>Bilingual Information Retrieval with HyREX and Internet Translation Services<title>Physical Algebra<title>Visualisierung für Retrieval von XML-Dokumenten<title>Enhancing Information Retrieval in Federated Bibliographic Data Sources Using Author Network Based Stratagems<title>Lernen unsicherer Regeln für HySpirit<title>Learning probabilistic Datalog rules for information classification and transformation<title>Information retrieval methods for multimedia objects<title>Models in Information Retrieval<title>CAP7 -- Searching and Browsing in Distributed Document Collections<title>Test Results (Multilingual Searching Component, Categorisation Tool)<title>An Agent-Based Architecture for Supporting High-Level Search Activities in Federated Digital Libraries<title>XIRQL -- An Extension of XQL for Information Retrieval<title>Daffodil: Distributed Agents for User-Friendly Access of Digital Libraries<title>A new Effective Approach for Categorizing Web Documents<title>Concepts for a Graphical User Interface for Hypermedia Retrieval<title>PIANO: Proactive Agents in Networked Digital Libraries. Abschlussbericht der Projektgruppe 341<title>Adapting Models for the Case of Early Risk Prediction on the Internet<title>Is It Really Fake? -- Towards an Understanding of Fake News in Social Media Communication<title>Beyond opinion classification: Extracting facts, opinions and experiences from health forums<title>Uni-DUE Student Team: Tackling fact checking through decomposable attention neural network<title>The challenging task of summary evaluation: an overview<title>The Fake News Challenge: Stance Detection using Traditional Machine Learning Approaches<title>The Impact of Twitter Features on Credibility Ratings-An Explorative Examination Combining Psychological Measurements and Feature Based Selection Methods<title>Creating Comparable Corpora through Topic Mappings<title>Multi-lingual Argumentative Corpora in English, Turkish, Greek, Albanian, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Romanian and Arabic<title>Detection and resolution of rumours in social media: A survey