Database Lab

Teaching personnel



Targeted audience
  • DAI Hauptstudium with 8 credit points : in Kombination mit der
    2SWS Vorlesung aus dem Wintersemester als "Datenbanken mit Anwendungen" im Bereich "D"
  • ISE Bachelor







Monday 10:15 - 12:45LF/230Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Inform. Sascha Kriewel
Wednesday 16:45 - 19:00LF/230Tobias Tuttas
Friday 9:15 - 11:45LF/230Tobias Tuttas


  • The practical course "Database Lab" is offered for students of "Applied Informatics" (DAI), "Computer Science and Communications Engineering" (CSCE) and "Computer Engineering" (CE). For students CSCE and CE it is part of the lecture Data Models and Databases in the module Multimedia and Internet. For students DAI it is part of the lecture Databases with Applications.
  • The teaching language is German.
  • In weekly practical exercises, we will use IBM's DB2 database system to solve the different stages of a complex example problem (case study).
  • Students who plan to take part in the Database Lab will need the knowledge from the Database lecture. Basic knowledge of database systems will be assumed.

Lecture material

Status of your assignments

  • During the semester you will be able to query your current point total and missing assignments from this webpage.

Course material

  • The course will use the computer pool of the chair of Information Systems. The necessary login account will be given out during the first session.
  • The computers use the GNU/Linux operating system. A short introduction with first steps under Linux will be given in the first week of the course.

Previous exams

  • Datenmodelle und Datenbanken I / Internetdatenbanken (WS 03/04)
  • Datenmodelle und Datenbanken I / Internetdatenbanken (SS 04)
  • Datenmodelle und Datenbanken I / Internetdatenbanken (Probeklausur)
  • Datenmodelle und Datenbanken II (WS 03/04)
  • Datenmodelle und Datenbanken II (SS 04)
  • Datenmodelle und Datenbanken II (WS 04/05)
  • Datenmodelle und Datenbanken II (Übungsaufgaben)




  • A. Kemper, A. Eickler: Datenbanksysteme. Eine Einführung. 4. Auflage, Oldenbourg, 2001.
  • J. Biskup: Grundlagen von Informationssystemen. Vieweg, 1995.
  • R. Elmasri, S.B. Navathe: Fundamentals of Database Systems. Benjamin/Cummings, Redwood City etc.
  • W. Kießling, G. Köstler: Multimedia-Kurs Datenbanksysteme, Springer.
  • J.D. Ullmann: Principles of Database and Knowledge-Base Systems, Volume I and II, Computer Science Press.
  • A. Heuer, G. Saake: Datenbanken - Konzepte und Sprachen. MITP-Verlag, Bonn.
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  • Th. Härder, E. Rahm: Datenbanksysteme: Konzepte und Techniken der Implementierung. Springer.


Java, JDBC

Unix, Linux

Registration and first lab date

  • For this course, registration is required. Registration was possible until April 13th. Please look up your lab day and time in this lists:
    assigned groups
  • The lab exercises begin in the week starting on April 30th.

Procedure and requirements

  • All in all, the course will require 10 * 3 hours of presence and active participation, as well as autonomous preparation and wrap-up on your part, at home. This corresponds to 2 lecture hours per week (15 weeks * 2 hours = 10 weeks * 3 hours).
  • The course will not be graded. Your participation will be certified if you participate on a regular basis (at least 8 of 10 weeks) and work on the assigned tasks. All assignments must be solved. We expect you to solve an assignment in the exercise immediately after it has been issued. If you do not succeed in solving all assignments, you can try to amend maximally two of them in an additional exercise. We expect you to record your solutions and results in an exercise log.
  • You can work on the assigned tasks in groups of maximally 2 students. At least one person per group should understand German, so that your group will be able to understand the German course material and task descriptions. Each group is expected to work autonomously, without outside help or coaching. We will form these groups on the first lab date, so please be sure to attend.


  • If you have any questions or problems in the context of this course, then please come to Sascha Kriewel's consulting hours. You will find the hours and the room number on his homepage.
  • You can also contact all members of the teaching staff for this course via e-mail: