Database Lab

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Targeted audience
  • DAI Hauptstudium with 8 credit points : in Kombination mit der
    2stündigen Vorlesung als "Datenbanken mit Anwendungen" im Bereich "D"
  • Angewandte Informatik Bachelor: in Kombination mit der
    2stündigen Vorlesung als "Datenbanken" im 5. Semester
  • ISE Bachelor







Wednesday10:15 - 12:00LF/230Andreas Tacke
Thursday16:15 - 17:00LF/230Andreas Tacke


Start of the lab: 19./20.11.

It is necessary to register for the lab. Please register here.

  • The practical course "Database Lab" is offered for students of "Applied Informatics" (DAI and BAI), "Computer Science and Communications Engineering" (CSCE) and "Computer Engineering" (CE). For students of CSCE and CE it is part of the course Data Models and Databases in the module Multimedia and Internet. For students of DAI it is part of the course Databases with Applications in area D, and for Bachelor AI it is part of the course Databases in the 5th semester.
  • The teaching language is German.
  • In weekly practical exercises, we will use IBM's DB2 database system to solve the different stages of a complex example problem (case study).
  • Students who plan to take part in the Database Lab will need the knowledge from the Database lecture.

Lecture material

Status of your assignments

  • During the semester you will be able to query your current point total and missing assignments from this webpage.

Course material

Previous exams

  • Datenmodelle und Datenbanken I / Internetdatenbanken (WS 03/04)
  • Datenmodelle und Datenbanken I / Internetdatenbanken (SS 04)
  • Datenmodelle und Datenbanken I / Internetdatenbanken (Probeklausur)
  • Datenmodelle und Datenbanken II (WS 03/04)
  • Datenmodelle und Datenbanken II (SS 04)
  • Datenmodelle und Datenbanken II (WS 04/05)
  • Datenmodelle und Datenbanken II (Übungsaufgaben)




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  • J. Biskup: Grundlagen von Informationssystemen. Vieweg, 1995.
  • R. Elmasri, S.B. Navathe: Fundamentals of Database Systems. Benjamin/Cummings, Redwood City etc.
  • W. Kießling, G. Köstler: Multimedia-Kurs Datenbanksysteme, Springer.
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Java, JDBC

Unix, Linux


  • If you have any questions or problems in the context of this course, then please come to Sascha Kriewel's consulting hours. You will find the hours and the room number on his homepage.
  • You can also contact all members of the teaching staff for this course via e-mail: