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  • Angewandte Informatik Master with 3+1 hours per week and 6 credit points
  • Komedia Master with 3+1 hours per week and 6 credit points
  • ISE Master with 3+1 hours per week and 6 credit points : Due to the mainly nontechnical content (and based on bad experience from previous semesters), this course is not suitable for ISE students.






20. 4. 20 - Online/Moodle






Monday15:00 - 15:45Online/MoodleIoannis Karatasis, M.Sc.

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12.09.2022 - 15.09.2022LF/135

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Information Engineering is concerned with the supply, reprocessing and distribution of information, at company-internal systems, web presences and social media. The life cycle of an information starts with the creation, storage and distribution, which in turn can create new information.

This lecture presents models, methods and systems which support the different stages of the information life cycle. In view of the rapidly changing information landscape there is a special attention to the communication of basic concepts. .

Learning goals: Students should not only know and understand these concpets, but also be able to apply them in the design of new information systems and in the evaluation of existing systems..