Information Mining


Targeted audience
  • Angewandte Informatik Master with 6 credit points
  • Komedia Master with 6 credit points
  • ISE Master with 6 credit points
  • BWL Master with 2+1 hours per week and 4 credit points : nur Data Mining
  • Medizintechnik Master with 6 credit points






2. 11. 20 - Online/Moodle







Tuesday 15:00 - 15:45 10.11. Online/MoodleDr. Ahmet Aker

Examination Dates





8. 3. 202115:00 - 17:00


Information Mining deals with the extraction on implicit information from raw data (Data Mining) or text (Text Mining). The goal is the development of methods for analyzing databases and discovering useful information by means of abstraction. For this purpose, machine learning methods are applied.

Lecture material


Slides and videos can be found in the Moodle course (no sign in key required)


Exercise sheets can be found in the Moodle course.

The exercises will begin on 10th of November 2020 at 3pm. The exercises will happen weekly through BigBlueButton (access through Moddle). You can use this link to participate. There are no solution submissions. However, instead during the exercise session you can present your solution and collect bonus points. To collect your bonus point you have to present at least 3 times successfully. A bonus point help to improve your exam results by 0.3, i.e. if you have 1.3 in your exam the bonus point make it to 1.0. Since we will be using the online system BigBlueButton for presentation it is advised you prepare your solution as power point and use PDF version while presenting. During the exercise I will read the question. You can raise your interest to present your solution. If there are more than one student interested in presenting there will be a selection through a number guess. The selected student can then upload his/her solution for presentation. The first exercise sheet will be uploaded on the 3rd of November and discussed on the 10th of November 2020.

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