Information Retrieval


Targeted audience
  • Angewandte Informatik Master with 3+1 hours per week and 6 credit points
  • Komedia Master with 3+1 hours per week and 6 credit points
  • ISE Master with 3+1 hours per week and 6 credit points






Thursday12:30 - 15:00LC/137






Thursday15:00 - 15:45LC/137Ioannis Karatassis, M.Sc.

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27.03.2017 - 31.03.2017LE/313

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Course Topics

  • Extended Models: Propositional logic, predicate logic, ontologies
  • Search User Interfaces: Query Specification, Presentation of Search Results, Query Reformulation, Supporting the Search Process, Designing the Search Process
  • IR tasks: Diversity Search, Opinion Retrieval, Contextual Search, Social Media IR, Cross-Language IR, Classification, Clustering
  • Implementation of IR Systems: Architecture, data structures, algorithms

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The goal of these exercises is, that students learn the usage of the concepts, presented in this lecture.

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