User-Generated Content in Social Media


Targeted audience
  • Komedia Master
  • Angewandte Informatik Master
  • ISE Master
  • Technomathematik Master


This seminar focuses on various forms of user generated content in social media.


Every participant is supposed to prepare a presentation of 40 minutes about a choosen topic from the list. A literature research for is mandatory, where relevant works will be choosen in consultation with the supervisor. The talks have to be given at the seminar. The literature is in english, but the talk can be given in german or in english. All participants are expected to take part in the discussions about the presentation topics.

After the presentation a composition should be written, which also needs to address all issues raised during the presentation days. The elaboration should not merely be a summary or translation of the underlying papers, but it should point out the advantages and disadvantages of the considered architecture or methods and classify it in the context.

Presentation-topics and supervisors

  1. Sentiment Analysis in Social Media
  2. Extracting topics from Social Media messages
  3. The role of user-generated content in branding in social media
  4. The impact of user-generated content on travel behavior
  5. Twitter Retrieval
  6. Analysing Twitter language
  7. Event detection in Twitter
  8. Bias + Subjectivity
  9. Crisis Management
  10. eHealth
  11. Credibility estimation
  12. Searching in Social Media
  13. Usage of Social Media for E-learning
  14. Tweet Summarization
  15. Analysing political (right-wing) trends in social media


  • The registration takes places at moodle
  • Pre-meeting: Tuesday, 19.04., Room: LF 226, 15:00 (s.t.) moodle
  • Introduction to scientific work: Tuesday, 27.04., Room: LF 226, 16:00
  • Relevant papers: 10.05.
  • Thesis of the presentation: 24.05.
  • Structure: 07.06.
  • Presentationsheets: 08.07.
  • Block seminar: TBA
    • The presentation should be done using your own laptop. If a device is needed the sheets should be provided as PDFs earlier.
    • The presentations will be give in the order as written above. Changes are possible at any time...
  • Elaboration: 26.08.

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