Recent Trends in IR


Targeted audience
  • Komedia Master
  • Angewandte Informatik Master
  • ISE Master
  • Technomathematik Master


Das Thema dieses Seminars sind aktuelle Arbeiten in Information Retrieval.

This seminar focuses on recent trends in Information Retrieval.


Every participant is supposed to prepare a presentation of 40 minutes about a choosen topic from the list. A literature research for is mandatory, where relevant works will be choosen in consultation with the supervisor. The talks have to be given at the seminar. The literature is in english, but the talk can be given in german or in english. All participants are expected to take part in the discussions about the presentation topics.

After the presentation a composition should be written, which also needs to address all issues raised during the presentation days. The elaboration should not merely be a summary or translation of the underlying papers, but it should point out the advantages and disadvantages of the considered architecture or methods and classify it in the context.

Vortragsthemen und Betreuer

  1. IRGAN: A Minimax Game for Unifying Generative and Discriminative Information Retrieval Models (Fuhr)
  2. To Model or to Intervene: A Comparison of Counterfactual and Online Learning to Rank from User Interactions (Fuhr -- reserved)
  3. Rumour verification through recurring information and an inner-attention mechanism (Aker -- reserved)
  4. Joint Rumour Stance and Veracity (Aker -- reserved)
  5. A Latent Semantic Model with Convolutional-Pooling Structure for Information Retrieval (Sliwa)
  6. Weakly Supervised Co-Training of Query Rewriting and Semantic Matching for e-Commerce (Sliwa)
  7. LICD: A Language-Independent Approach for Aspect Category Detection (Sabbah)
  8. Searching as Learning: Exploring Search Behavior and Learning Outcomes in Learning-related Tasks (Karatassis -- reserved)
  9. Task, Information Seeking Intentions, and User Behavior: Toward A Multi-level Understanding of Web Search (Karatassis -- reserved)
  10. Struggling and Success in Web Search

Topics will be announced soon

  • 01.10.2019 - 25.10.2019: Registration and selection of topic (per Mail an Dr. Aker)
  • 30.10.2019: Introduction to scientific working (13:15 - 14:45 LF 226)
  • 18.11.2019: Relevant papers
  • 16.12.2019: Structure
  • 20.01.2020: Presentation slides
  • End of semester -ish: Block seminar
  • Two weeks later: Written report

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