A Cloud-Native High Available and Scalable PostgreSQL Management System


Vergebene Bachelorarbeit


  • Ibrahim Varol


Externe Arbeit zusammen mit Primeapps
  • ISE Bachelor


Many major, mid-sized and startup Companies are in need of having their own high performance, scalable and high available database server at some point. There are many options available to satisfy this need. However, it does come at a high price most of the time. Even though it is easier for the larger scale firms, it is difficult for the mid-sized enterprises and startups. The goal of this thesis is to satisfy the need of quick deployment of high available and scalable database clusters on cloud environments at reasonable prices with minimum possible maintenance need. PostgreSQL is one of the most mature and capable open source database servers. In order to reach to this goal, we will utilize PostgreSQL by containerizing it and making it capable to run on Kubernetes Clusters.

For the management purposes we will develop a Kubernetes Operator and a CLI utility to make it possible to deploy this cluster having the capability of running on Kubernetes with high availability and scalability. This management tool will be able to deploy many PostgreSQL Clusters on many different Kubernetes Clusters, It will be able to create, delete, scale and backup all those clusters from one location. It will be possible with the ease of issuing a single command via CLI tool and in seconds cluster will be ready to use.