Tips for presentations

General informations

As preparation it is recommended, to read the

and to internalize them.

Plagiarism and citations

Talks (and any written elaborations) have to be our own effort. You must not simply use foreign material including freely accessible content from the internet. Word-by-word copies have to be annotate as quotes and the source has to be cited. Generally speaking: Assistance of a third party (for example every book and paper) which was used has to be cited. Anything else is Plagiarism and will graded as "failed".

Citing sources has to be learned, and the linked page gives some effective support on the correct use of citations in scientific works. We additionaly point out some Tips to quote websites (especially with author and title plus the date of the last access).

Technial information

Unless indicated otherwise, slides are as PDF (mostly preferred), possible PowerPoint and OpenOffice (in individual lectures there could be other regulations!). Slides should be mailed in time (preferably a day before) to the supervisor or brought along on an USB-Stick. CDs or other storage devices cause extra expenditure and are usually not popular! Bring your display adapter if you plan to use your own device.