Development of an interactive system for a four-valued logic based search approach


Abgeschlossene Bachelorarbeit


  • AI Bachelor
  • Ability to read and understand papers written in English
  • Web development(essential); Python(Preferred)
  • Lecture "Internet-Suchmaschinen"(Preferred)


User reviews of products and services are providing very helpful information to the users which is effectively and efficiently satisfy their information needs. Traditionally, user reviews are not considered in the normal search operations. To solve this, we are developing more sophisticated approaches to retrieve and rank online items based on user reviews.

As a part of this thesis, the student has to develop a system for searching items based on user reviews. This includes indexing, presenting and ranking the items using a search engine tool e.g elasticsearch. In addition, the process includes customizing the retrieval and the ranking procedures of the search engine tool to make it adaptable with new approaches for calculating the relevancy decision.

The final thesis includes the following phases:

  • Explore the literature about the 4-valued logic.
  • Development of a web application for the 4-valued logic based retrieval approach.
  • Writing custom scripts for the search engine tool.