Conceptual design and development of a prototype to support decisions for the Med-on-@ix telemedicine system.


Abgeschlossene Masterarbeit


  • Harikrishnan Gangadharan


2011 - 06


  • Gute Programmierfähigkeiten in Java (notwendig)
  • Gute Kenntnisse in Datenbanken


Med-on-@ix is a research project in telemedicine funded by the German Federal ministry of Economics and Technology. The key aim of this research project is to provide a high quality emergency medical care by developing an efficient emergency rescue assistance system and make the rescue missions more effective.

The main aim or purpose of this thesis is to design and develop a prototype such that the system is able,

  1. To support the rescue coordination centre in taking decisions to send the specially equipped ambulance vehicle using the information about radio coverage and service levels â For example, in some remote rural areas, there may be very bad network coverage and in this case, it will not be useful in sending this specially equipped ambulance vehicle to the emergency site.
  2. Route planning: Based on the network coverage level, the rescue coordination centre should be able to plan and decide the best possible route for the rescue team. The system has to manage data from multiple hosts (ambulance vehicles) and an automatic update to a database has to be done with information regarding radio coverage (radio parameters like RSCP/EcNo, RxLev, technology, etc.) and service related information about the link quality (RTT, data rate, packet failure ratio, etc.)

The system should be able to collect all information during the rescue missions (self update idea). These data has to be further processed by weighting of information over certain time (i.e. which information is correct: either new or old). These data has to be stored in databases and the rescue coordination centre should be able to access it through a web service by specifying an address and get an overview of service availability and network coverage