Developing an Easy to Use Social Media Analysis Tool


Abgeschlossene Masterarbeit


  • Kevin Vincentius


  • AI Master
  • Ability to read and understand papers written in English.
  • Ability to perform academic writing.
  • Strong programming skills (e.g.Java, essential)
  • Lectures Information Retrieval oder Information Mining and the use of tools such as RapidMiner (essential)


In the last decade, social media have become the platforms par excellence for all kinds of online information exchange, such as: content creation, consumption and sharing; commenting on and engaging with contents posted by others; organization of events; reporting and tracking of real world events; rating and reviewing products; catching up with the latest developments in the news; etc. Among the best known platforms today are Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo, Reddit and Instagram. Besides individuals, the presence of companies, agencies, institutions and politicians has also increased in social media. One of their objectives is to engage with a broader audience, while also learning from them. For instance, companies are interested in finding out what customers think about their products to further improve their services and perform targeted advertisements. Given the scale of social media use, it is also being leveraged to perform predictions on a variety of issues such as political elections, referenda and stock markets.

While social media mining and analysis has become the ultimate approach to dig for knowledge and understand opinions of others it is only available for those who are technically equipped. For instance, researchers from social sciences or other less technical studies have difficulties to perform social media mining and analysis and are excluded from the knowledge available in social media.

In this master thesis the aim is to lift this limitation by developing a social media mining and analysis tool that is easily usable by average people. By providing easy access to existing social media mining technologies, such tool can greatly reduce the required technical skill, time and effort to conduct an analysis. Thus, the tool may also encourage more explorations on how to combine the operations in different applications.

On the other side, while the tool introduces some restrictions on how its modules are to be implemented, it can take care of aspects such as generic user interfaces and resource management during runtime, so the implementation of more mining techniques in the tool can focus on the actual logic specific to it.

The tool is ideally to be developed as a web application. It should allow users to login and create their own analyses pipelines. Each analysis process should consist of building blocks that can be easily plugged in to a pipeline. A user should be able to create several pipelines. Results of pipelines should also be easily understandable.

Apart from developing such a tool, its usefulness and usability should be evaluated.