Understanding and Predicting Success of Web Searches based on Search Behavior


Finished master thesis


  • Dakai Men

Related projects

  • WebSAIL
    Web search literacy: Awareness, interface complexity and long-term effects (WebSAIL)


2020 - 05


Targeted audience
  • ISE Master
  • Vorlesung Internetsuchmaschinen/Information Retrieval hilfreich
  • Kenntnisse in Web-Technologien
  • Erfahrung in der Programmierung mit Java / Python

Task description

Students of German universities have been trained in the course of the WebSAIL project in becoming better at Web searching. A number of search tasks were required to be solved in this regard. In this work, we will uncover differences in search behavior between successful and unsuccessful sessions in order to understand why searchers sometimes fail at finding desired solutions. This knowledge is to be used with the goal of creating models for predicting the likelihood of a search session being successful or not.