Visualization of XML search interaction


Abgeschlossene Diplomarbeit


  • Stefan Beckers

Verwandte Projekte

  • INEX
    Initiative for the Evaluation of XML retrieval


2008 - 11


  • Good programming abilities in java(Compulsary)
  • Familiarity with XML


Visualization has been used very successfully in helping people understand various kinds of phenomena. Hence it is a natural choice for understanding the behavior of users. This work is aimed to develop a tool to visualize the searcher's interaction with an XML retrieval system to investigate its search patterns. For this purpose, a new parametric information visualization technique is to be developed that presents the searcher's interaction using visual attributes in 2D.

Sub Tasks
  1. Development of abstract description of the visualization technique
  2. Implementation a prototype version of the visualization technique
  3. Implementation of conversion utilities for log file formats
  4. Investigation of patterns


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