Dortmund extensible structured Information Retrieval engine


DesIRe has been migrated to HyREX.

DesIRe is the Dortmund extensible structured Information Retrieval engine. It provides physical data abstraction: For retrieval DesIRe offers a set of logical predicates which are independent from the actual physical data structures and algorithms used for implementing these predicates.


DUG - DesIRe User Group
Meeting of people using and extending DesIRe for their own needs. Meetings take place after each seminar on diplomatheses and dissertations (Tuesdays, approx 16:00, GB V/418).
Latest distribution of the DesIRe source code. See also the latest changes and the README.
Modules, Prerequisites
if not on CPAN, please try our ftp server.
DesIRe schema
A proposal for a schema description (DTD), a instance of the DTD, and an example document.

What DesIRe is not (other research projects with the same name):