Content Analysis, Retrieval and Metadata: Effective Networking
Work Package 7: A Document Referencing and Linking System

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From 01. 10. 1999 until 30. 09. 2001
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  • Roland Schwänzl (Roland.Schwaenzl@mathematik.Uni-Osnabrueck.DE)
  • Judith Plümer (
  • Wolfgang Dalitz (
  • Wolfram Sperber (
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  • BMBF
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In this project, an integrated hypertext and retrieval system for XML documents is being developed, suitable for a distributed, heterogeneous environment. The system will support a number of search and browsing strategies. It will allow for searching both in the metadata and in the fulltext. The system maintains a central database of metadata records and an index for retrieval and navigation, whereas fulltext documents are stored at their original location. In order to fill the database, a gathering component will access relevant sites in order to return new documents and/or metadata records. Documents are passed to the summarizer in order to generate metadata records automatically.