Closed projects

Recently closed projects

  • AMUR
    User Guidance and System Tuning for Search Sessions
  • CAIR
    Semantic Cluster Analysis in Information Retrieval
    ELIAS - Evaluating Information Access Systems (ESF Research Networking Program)
  • HIIR
    Highly Interactive Information Retrieval
  • Information Foraging
    Information Foraging - EU Intensive Program
  • Khresmoi
    Medical Information Analysis & Retrieval
    MUMIA - Multilingual and Multifaceted Interactive Information Access (COST ICT Action)
  • ProViel
    Professionalisation for Diversity
    Rule-Based Search in Text Data Bases with Nonstandard Spelling

Other closed projects

    A Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries (FP6)
  • ALFA
    Latin-America Academic Training
    Content Analysis, Retrieval and Metadata: Effective Networking
    Work Package 7: A Document Referencing and Linking System
    Classification and Intelligent Search on Information in XML
    An Open Collaborative Virtual Archives Environment
    Distributed Agents for User-Friendly Access of Digital Libraries
    A Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries
  • DesIRe
    Dortmund extensible structured Information Retrieval engine
  • EUROgatherer
    A Personalised Information Gathering System
  • EuroSearch
    A Multilingual European Federated Search Service
    Formalisation and Experimentation on the Retrieval of Multimedia Information
    Focussed retrieval of structured documents
  • freeWAIS-sf
    The enhanced freeWAIS distribution
    (This software is no longer supported, and most of the links are out of date!)
  • HyREX
    Hyper-media Retrieval Engine for XML
  • INEX
    Initiative for the Evaluation of XML retrieval
  • InterDoc
    Interdisciplinary Document Processing Based on the MeDoc Service
  • java-unidu
    Common Java classes for IR from our group
  • JaySpirit
    Java API for HySpirit
    LAyout, COntent and STructure in Interactive Retrieval
  • MeDoc
    Entwicklung und Erprobung offener volltext-basierter Informationsdienste für die Informatik
  • MIND
    Resource Selection and Data Fusion for Multimedia International Digital Libraries
  • MIRA
    Evaluation Frameworks for Interactive Multimedia Information Retrieval Applications
  • Pepper
    Peer-to-Peer Architectures for Federated Search of Complex Digital Libraries
  • PIRE
    Probabilistic IR Engine
    Probabilistic Object-oriented Logics for Annotation-based Retrieval
  • RID
    Resource Indexing and Discovery In a Globally Distributed Digital Library
  • SFgate
    Gateway between the World Wide Web (WWW) and WAIS
    (This software is no longer supported, and most of the links are out of date!)
  • Vasari
    Giorgio Vasari Project