An Open Collaborative Virtual Archives Environment

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From 01. 02. 2001 until 31. 07. 2003
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  • EU 5FP
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IST-2000-25456, 0415052
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The CYCLADES system online

The standards defined by the Open Archives initiative (OAi) provide uniform access (by defining a gatherer interface) to open, heterogenous and distributed digital archives. The CYCLADES project developed several services on top of the OAi standard that support single users and user groups in their work with OAi conform archives. These services include information retrieval in distributed archives, searching and browsing in mulitlevel hypertext, collecting relevance feedback and on-line annotations, and user profiling.


Access Service
  • Metadata harvesting and indexing
  • Storage and retrieval of metadata records
  • Archive information
Search & Browse Service
  • Multilevel hypertext searching and browsing
Collaborative Work Service
  • Collaboration between individual scholars, members of project groups, and communities
  • Shared workspaces
  • Hierarchy of folders
  • Rating and annotation
Collection Service
  • Structuring the information space
  • Topic-based virtual archives
Filtering & Recommendation Service
  • Recommend records, users, communities, collections
  • Filter query results based on folder profile



Diploma, Master and Bachelor theses Only in german!

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