Questions & Answers

1.1 What do I have to do, if I want to use Daffodil ?
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Install a current Java on your machine.
Then use you browser to
	fetch the following URL:

	This will install Daffodil to your system. Use the "Visitor"
	login to test Daffodil.

1.2 Daffodil need very long to start, and then i can not use any tool ?
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Probably you have a problem connection to the Daffodil Gateway Server, maybe because of a firewall. Please try to telnet telnet 8080.
	If this does not work you can not run Daffodil. Please ask
	  your system administrators to open that port from the inside
	  to the outsite, exspecially to the machine port 8080.
If you have a firewall, and a proxy computer see special
	  faq on firewalls below.
If you still can not start Daffodil please feel free to contact me directly.

1.3 I want to store my found information in my own personal library ?
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Send an email to me via I will setup your own account. Next setup a properties file, with your favorite text editor, called in your home directory. Insert the following properties:
username = yourname
password = yourpassword
autologin = true
Be sure that the fileending is ".properties". Restart Daffodil and you should see your own folder in the personal library directly, without any login sequence.

1.4 I want to share my found information within a group ?
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Send an email to me via I will create a new group and place all members you state within this group. Then you all can share a group folder, to store and share your information.

1.5 Daffodil does not show me external links, like a link to an authors homepage ?
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First you should setup your Java Webstart correctly. Run javaws and edit via Preferences the prefered browser.

	Second enter a new property within the file:
	browser = path to your browser

	Restart Daffodil. Now you should be able use the external
	links from within Daffodil.

1.6 We have a firewall and i cannot connect to Daffodil. But we have a proxy.
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Create the following file a with your favorite First text editor called and put it into your home dir. Add the following lines:






	Restart Daffodil.

1.7 What do i have to write into a script, if i use linux, to run Daffodil.
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Create a script with your favorite text editor. Type the following line and replace the path to javaws. path_to_javaws/javaws Make the script executable.