Distributed Agents for User-Friendly Access of Digital Libraries

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From 01. 03. 2000 until 31. 12. 2004
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  • DFG
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  • DFG: Fu 205/14-2
  • UDE: 15311522 (ka00043b)
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Important: Daffodil is no longer under active development. ezDL is the continuation and re-implementation of this project.

First period (2000-2002)

Despite the fact that many Digital Libraries (DLs) are available on the Internet, users cannot effectively use them because of inadequate functionality, deficient visualisation and insufficient integration of different DLs. In the framework of this project we develop a user-oriented access system for DLs which overcomes these drawbacks. Based on experiences from the librarian area, higher functions to assist proved search strategies will be implemented. Different DLs will be tightly integrated, so that system-wide search and navigation is possible. The system will be adaptive towards different user wishes, regarding preferences concerning content and system involvement.

The first two year project phase is concluded and the outcome is a running prototyp which covers all goals.

Second period (2002-2004)

The key concept of strategic support when using digital libraries will be a major topic in the next years, but we will extend it to all levels of the information search process and the different kinds to gather information. To organise the found material, there annotations and interpretations we will develop a personal digital library. It provides simultaneously a user- and taskoriented context, to support searching and browsing better then up till now.

As additional method for the information gathering we will integrate the path model, collaborative filtering as well as the workflow model into Daffodil. The last two methods will allow for cooperation by using digital libraries. A special role is given to the librarian in the cooperative environment.

The graphical user interface design supports different interaction level -- exspecially circumstantial work tasks will be supported by software-information agents, but with regards to the user autonomy. Likewise the iterative process during the retrieval will be optimised.

Daffodil is a projects in the strategic research initiative V3D2 ( Distributed Processing and Delivery of Digital Documents ) of the German Research Foundation (DFG).



Diploma, Master and Bachelor theses Only in german!

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