A Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries

General information

From 1. 1. 2000 until 30. 06. 2003
Contact Persons:
Involved Persons:
  • Costantino Thanos, IEI-CNR (Project leader)
Sponsored by:
  • EU - 5FP
Participating Institutions:


The DELOS NoE will carry out a broad range of interrelated activities organized under Forums. Each Forum is structured according to the Workpackage-Task hierarchy. All the activities will be open to the European DL research world and the relevant application communities (electronic publishing, libraries, cultural heritage, archives, etc.).

  1. Digital Library Research Forum. Aimed at stimulating the advancement of DL-related research and encouraging scientific collaboration between European teams working in this domain through the organization of:
    1. thematic workshops,
    2. European conferences on Digital Libraries,
    3. an international research exchange programme.
  2. Digital Library Evaluation Forum. DL evaluation implies defining new metrics for components and new combinations of components in order to measure performance aspects related to DL interoperability, metadata and resource discovery, multilingual access, etc. DELOS will promote the building and operation of publicly available reusable evaluation infrastructures:
    1. a digital library test suite and
    2. a cross-language system evaluation infrastructure.
  3. Standardization Forum. WGs will be set up to
    1. examine specific clusters of relevant standards;
    2. disseminate the results through workshop proceedings, reports, Web-based observatories, etc.
  4. Dissemination and Technology Transfer Forum. Aimed at demonstrating the effectiveness and benefits of DL technologies within European industrial/commercial environments. The NoE will undertake the following take-up activities:
    1. training;
    2. trial fields.

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