A Personalised Information Gathering System


The EUROgatherer project aims at designing and implementing a system which provides a personalised information gathering service.

From the functional point of view, the EUROgatherer system will, primarily, try to discover information from various distributed sources that interest the user and present it to him/her in an appropriate form. In particular, the system will be able to provide the following functionalities:

  • to access a variety of information sources;
  • to act, autonomously;
  • to create meaningful abstracts of the retrieved documents and classify them appropriately;
  • to acquire and retain an interest profile of the user and act upon one or more goals based on that profile; and
  • to support a relevance feedback mechanism.

From the architectural point of view, the project aims at developing an agent-based multilayer system architecture. The system architecture is composed of three layers: the User Interface Environment, the Information Filtering Environment and the Information Discovery Environment.

The information filtering environment will be responsible for the personalisation of the system. The information discovery environment will be responsible for finding, fetching, abstracting and classifying the actual information that the user is interested in. The user interface environment will support the user profile acquisition by the system, an interactive presentation of the documents retrieved by the system to the user, and the communication of user feedback to the system on how relevant the retrieved documents are.

The interactions between the user, the information filtering and the information discovery environments are described by the dynamics of an economic model of the ecosystem composed of the filtering and discovery agents.