Initiative for the Evaluation of XML retrieval


The widespread use of XML in digital libraries, product catalogues, scientific data repositories and across the Web prompted the development of appropriate searching and browsing methods for XML documents. This initiative provides an opportunity for participants to evaluate their retrieval methods using uniform scoring procedures and a forum for participating organisations to compare their results. As part of a large-scale effort to improve the efficiency of research in information retrieval and digital libraries, this project initiates an international, coordinated effort to promote evaluation procedures for content-based XML retrieval. Participating organisations contribute to the construction of a large testbed (test collection) of XML documents. The test collection (consisting of 12,000 XML documents with about 500 megabytes of data) provides participants a means for future comparative and quantitative experiments. For additional information about this project please refer to the home pages of the annual initiatives:



Diplom-, Master- und Bachelorarbeiten

Verwandte Projekte

    A Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries (FP6)
    Classification and Intelligent Search on Information in XML
    Nutzerorientiertes Zugangssystem für heterogene Digitale Bibliotheken
  • HyREX
    Hyper-media Retrieval Engine for XML


Due to copyright issues, only participating organisations will have access to the constructed test collection.