Information Foraging

Information Foraging - EU Intensive Program


The IP will contribute to student and teaching staff mobility by connecting 6 of the major EU universities with programmes in the area which is at the boundary of information science, computer science, library science and cognitive science. The IP will be a major step in developing a multidisciplinary progamme on EU level for this area which is gaining importance. The exponential growth of information on the web and the dominance of computer and web mediated scientific research calls for a strong vision in educating the new generation of information professionals which will play a vital role in turning this massive amount of data into usable and accessible knowledge.

In 3 years time, the IP will also achieve a lasting impact on the development and renewal of pedagogical approaches and curriculum for the involved institutions. The dislocation of the involved universities will foster the development of modern ICT based courseware and methods, facilitating (partial) distance learning. In addition the IP steering board can pick the best practices from 6 participating universities, which will allow students and teaching staff to learn and create synergies, necessary for the development of a European research and education area. The synergies can have the form of complementarity (filling in gaps in local programmes) or increasing quality/depth, since the teaching staff can improve local programmes based on interaction and feedback..

The IP will have a strong multidisciplinary flavour since it will look at technical, information theoretical, usability, cognitive, social and security issues related to dealing with massive amounts of data and unstructured information. Gradually, links will be developed with relevant industrial parties in Europe such as Yahoo!, Microsoft or Google. An initial contribution will have the form of invited lectures.