Java API für HySpirit


JaySpirit is a Java API for Apriorie's HySpirit retrieval framework. JaySpirit is available under an open source licence (Apache Licence 2.0).

The goal of JaySpirit is to offer convenient access to HySpirit's knowledge management and retrieval capabilities. With JaySpirit, HySpirit's functionality can be employed in order to develop sophisticated Java applications which are in need for advanced knowledge management and retrieval facilities. Based on wrapper classes for the core HySpirit engines (bridging the gap between Java and the HySpirit implementation), developers gain convenient access to inference and knowledge functionality on a higher level. Typical applications of both HySpirit and JaySpirit are content-, context- and knowledge-based search engines.

JaySpirit needs a running HySpirit implementation. Please contact Thomas Roelleke at Queen Mary University of London for further information.

Please have a look at the JaySpirit Javadoc.

Verwandte Projekte

  • PIRE
    Probabilistische IR-Retrievalmaschine