LAyout, COntent and STructure in Interactive Retrieval

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From 1. 9. 2007 until 31. 08. 2009
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  • DFG
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Effective information retrieval requires a system level support for the user in his search for relevant information. This includes the integration of flexible visualization techniques for the presentation of the researched information objects, the supply of intuitivily usable interfaces for exploring results and the availability of supporting tools for refinement or modification of the query.

The LACOSTIR project deals with the development of a new approach for designing interactive information retrieval systems, which integrate the aspects mentioned above for the purpose of an effective interactive information retrieval. For supporting the interactive information dialogue, our approach aims at the integration of syntax, semantics and layout of the retrieval objects. Thus, not only query conditions may refer to any of these three aspects, but also the visualization of answer sets or single items can be controlled with regard to these facets. By implementing a flexible design of the user interface and providing an appropriate visualization, the user will be enabled to identify relevant information much faster and easier. Overall, a more effective interactive information search will be attained.



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