Graduation comittee

PhD regulations 2015

Transitional arrangement: PhD candidates of an old promotion regulation, can apply informally for the use of the Promotion regulation 2015 until the dissertation submission.

Enrolling as PhD Student

PhD candidate vs. PhD student

  • PhD candidate (Doktorand) is the status you get by submitting the corresponding application forms to the Promotionsausschuss. As PhD candidate, your thesis project is supervised, and you have the right to submit a PhD thesis for review.
  • PhD student (Promotionsstudent/in) means that you are enrolled as a PhD student, for which you have to go to the University's student office (Einschreibungswesen). Here you have to prove that you have been admitted as PhD candidate (in the past, this proof was not always required).
  • For the PhD process, it does not matter whether or not you are enrolled as PhD student - this is totally up to you.
  • New regulation starting from 1.10.21: All newly registered PhD candidates also have to entroll as PhD student.

Re-Enrolling as PhD Student

In case you have been enrolled as PhD student for more than 5 years, the University's student office requests a written confirmation that you are still working on your PhD. For that, please send me an Email, and you will receive a letter, which also has to be signed by your supervisor.


In case of conflicts related to your PhD, you can contact one of these two ombudspersons:

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