Mit tiefer Betroffenheit müssen wir den plötzlichen Tod unseres geschätzten Kollegen Henrik Nottelmann bekanntgeben. Die Arbeitsgruppe verliert in ihm nicht nur einen Kollegen und talentierten Wissenschaftler, sondern einen guten Freund.

We deeply regret the sudden death of our dear colleague Henrik Nottelmann. Not only are we losing a colleague and talented scientist, but a good friend.

Thanks to everyone for your words of condolence and for sharing your feelings with us!

#25 25.05.2006 - 07:28 Uhr Nassib Nassar
I wish to offer my sincere condolences to Henrik's family and friends. We will miss him.

#24 15.05.2006 - 14:47 Uhr Thomas Roelleke
When I received few days ago an email with subject "Henrik", the humorous Henrik of ECIR few weeks ago came to my mind, where Henrik was joking about getting a PhD and the plan for 2006 seemed clear. Then ... The death of Henrik leaves his colleagues, friends and family in grief.

I tried to come to terms with his death, and thanks to the people and vicar in Felsted church, I had an exchange of thoughts and text you might want to share: "Sudden death is always difficult to come to terms with, and the more sudden and unexpected, the greater the denial which may be seen in the bereaved. This may vary from perplexity and the individual expressing an inability to believe what has happened, or a refusal to accept reality, to repression of the information. Denial in its milder forms is best dealt with by simple support and non-intervention in the sense of trying to produce explanations and understanding of what has happened."

His close colleagues, family and friends can rely on the support and thoughts of Henrik's colleagues world-wide, and we will remember the warm and humorous Henrik.

The Fested vicar reminded me that around 4th century, the 6th commandment "you shall not kill" became a justification for the Christian church's response to suicide (condemnation, loss of absolution, claim of property), and this response had been changed 150 years ago, when the church realised that the suffering of the lost one and the life of the bereaved are what the church should look after. The suffering of the lost one is beyond our imagination, and the inability to understand might keep the bereaved restless.

I hope Henrik found peace, and my thoughts are with his colleagues, family and friends to find the support and peace they need.
#23 11.05.2006 - 15:29 Uhr Gerhard Weikum
I am deeply saddend by this loss. Henrik was a great person to interact with. We will dearly miss him.
#22 11.05.2006 - 11:33 Uhr Birger Larsen
I have had the pleasure of chatting and having the occasional beer with Henrik on and off since 2001. I cannot believe that he is not with us anymore. You would have to search a long time to find such a kind, wonderfully warm and talented person as Henrik, and he will be deeply missed.

My thoughts go to his family, colleagues and friends at this difficult time.

- Birger
#21 10.05.2006 - 17:02 Uhr Arjen P. de Vries
It will be so strange to go to one of these IR events like SIGIR, ECIR, ECDL, etc.etc., where you expect to meet Henrik and chat on his work and ideas, and he will not be there!!!
My thoughts go to his parents and closer friends, Arjen
#20 10.05.2006 - 16:36 Uhr Leonardo Candela Email
I'm proud having known a kindly, warm and brilliant person as you.

Rest in peace.
#19 10.05.2006 - 09:29 Uhr Elena Renda Email
There are news you never want to hear, especially when referring to such a nice person like you, Henrik.

I will always remember you knocking to my office door, with your warm smile and friendly words.

Thank you for passing trough my life, even if for a few, short times.

#18 09.05.2006 - 22:40 Uhr Luo Si Homepage Email
Henrique is such a good friend. It is so hard to believe that he has been away from us. I will always remember him by his wisdom, his frankness and his smile....
#17 09.05.2006 - 22:36 Uhr Mounia Lalmas
I am still struggling to understand why. We have lost a very talented scientist, and someboy with lots of warm in him, and lots to offer to everybody. We just met at ECIR, and we exchanged "jokes" about the the PhD thesis.

I hope that Henrik has found peace.
#16 09.05.2006 - 22:06 Uhr Wolf Siberski
Although I met Henrik only once, his scientific competence, but even more his warmheartedness, openness and modesty left a deep impressen. His unexpected death is truly a tragedy.
#15 09.05.2006 - 21:32 Uhr Sebastian Michel
Hard to believe that Henrik passed away. I met him here and there in the last years. I still can't believe it. I'm deeply sad. He was an amicable person, a friend, and a great scientist.

#14 09.05.2006 - 19:27 Uhr Jamie Callan
I will remember Henrik not as he died, but as he lived - a valued colleague and collaborator, a friend, a warm and generous person. I'm glad that I had an opportunity to know and work with him. I will miss him.

#13 09.05.2006 - 17:52 Uhr Andre Lingemann
I work for one of Henrik's projects since april last year. I got to know him as a very nice, understanding an intelligent young man.
When I heard that he passed away I couldn't believe that and still cannot really realize.

My thoughts are also on his parents, brother and relatives ...

Rest In Peace, Henrik !
#12 09.05.2006 - 16:54 Uhr Henrik's student
I'm also in deep grievance on hearing that Henrik went out of the world. I was shocked and just couldn't unterstand why such a kind and friendly person left us so quickly and suddenly...
I began to know him as I took part in the information retrieval seminar in the last term. He was always very helpful when we had problems with programing. I can also remember that I met him just a few days before I read this news on the web site...
He was always a good teacher for us. I pray for him and may his soul find the peace in the heaven. God will surely be with him.
#11 09.05.2006 - 15:19 Uhr Wolfgang Müller
I am profoundly saddened by this news. I only met him twice, but this was enough to see that he was one of the people one likes to meet when doing science. Both successful with his own work and very open to other people's input.

My prayers and thoughts are with him and those whom he left behind.


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